Hello everyone!

The summer parties are beginning to wind down, those warm skies are getting smoky, and the nights begin to lengthen. We hope that you all had a fantastic summer full of great memories.

We cannot believe that we have less than two weeks to go, and we get back to work. Where did that time go? We had lots of downtime, studio time, and travels galore. We saw friends and family, climbed mountains, rode horses, swam in beaches/ hot and cold springs and pools, made comfort homestyle dinners, flew the skies, took road trips, and finally, celebrated and rejuvinated our bodies and souls. We joined Bart Delaney of Suman Entertainment for three sessions this summer and played with his band (known as A-Band-On-Ship) at the Hard Rock Miami. (see photo below) We had the pleasure of meeting and playing with some great musicians from around the world and cannot thank Bart enough for those great jams - even for the day we got totally waterlogged under a true Miami downpour!! Now after almost three months at home and on land, we are getting ready for another New England season on the high seas! WHEW!

We have just updated our calendar right through the end of 2018 as well, so check that out at the above link if you are planning any trips to the high seas either in New England, Tampa, Bermuda or in Hawaii...we will see you there.

Looking forward to catching up with you all soon......J and P

Live at the hard Rock with Bart Delaney and A_BAND_ON_SHIP...Summer 2017
Live at the Hard Rock Miami with Bart Delaney and A-Band-On-Ship, summer 2017