This summer we are truly mixing work with pleasure as we are on dry land for a few months. We will be working hard on new shows, new sites, new music and new adventures. 

Jose is busy recording some industrials for Temple University's Law Department, and also making music for a World Tour group about to head out to tour China and South America.

Patti is working on some new original tunes with her co-writer and running miles and miles each morning. 

On a personal note, later in the season, we will be going to a highly anticipated family reunion in South America as well. We will experience some very exotic lodgings while we are there. (Patti is hoping to make it to the "Swing at the top of the world", so we will keep you posted on that).

We hope that whatever you do this summer, it brings you joy and good times with the ones you love! That beach has been calling out to us and we cannot refuse. Hope you heed the call too.

Here's something fun: Check out our new flip-flops available on our Cafe Press site: They are perfect for those sandy days ahead.