The renowned shipboard duo JOSE (pronounced JOZAY) AND PATTI has been wowing audiences worldwide with their vibrant performances, garnering acclaim that’s transcended the trans-oceanic crowd and is now branching out to include soundtrack and album releases, live theater shows, and events.


JOSE AND PATTI’s original spin on classic tunes and their unique international flair is evident from the moment the accomplished guitarist and sultry vocalist hit the stage and raise the communal pulse to the stratosphere with their energetic delivery. It’s no small wonder that they were voted Musicians of the Year by Norwegian Cruise Line and Employees of the Month by both Dolphin and Majesty Cruise Lines. If it seems like nirvana that the two have paired up, one need only examine their history to determine that JOSE AND PATTI seemed destined to become a team.

By 1992, Jose Davila was entertainment director at Club Med’s luxurious Huatulco, Mexico resort, having worked his way up to the lofty position after seven years as a lifeguard, land sports and tennis instructor and sports director at their most exotic resorts throughout the Caribbean, Mexico, France and the United States.

An accomplished guitarist and singer with over 25 years of performing experience ranging from classical to contemporary to folk/rock, Jose was responsible for music and stage direction, as well as the coordination of a crew of choreographers, costume designers, and sound and light technicians for the nightly performances. Blessed with a gift for finessing the melody in any genre from rock to soul to jazz to blues and beyond, the musician also enjoyed his own time in the spotlight. Jose was searching for a partner to accompany him on his music sojourns when Patti Tateo, a vivacious and brainy music industry marketing executive who’d been moonlighting as a singer at some of New York’s most prestigious clubs and recording studios (where she did session work for various luminaries), entered his life.

Contracted to perform at Club Med, she found her soul mate in Jose as the two tapped into each other’s musical talents and the magic – and romantic sparks – flew. “I was amazed at how quickly she could arrange vocals – lead or harmony – on any song,” recalls Jose. “Her voice was truly unique.” Patti was equally impressed by Jose’s musicianship. “He was literally an audience magnet,” she remembers. “He’s so approachable personally and it completely translates onstage. People would hear his voice and naturally walk over to wherever he was set up that day. Then they would just stay, period.”

It wasn’t long before the cruise lines beckoned and their repertoire developed into adult contemporary (jazz, Latin, dance and standards), performed in acoustic or full-blown midi-sequencing, became their forte. “We try to bring out each audience’s personality and talk to them, as well,” Patti says, of their largely baby boomer-aged crowd. “If we have a conversation going on, that shifts from stage to audience and then there’s no ‘you and me,’ but a collective ‘us’ and everyone has fun.”

Indeed, the demand for a take-home memory from their eclectic shows, in which they segue with mercurial ease from English to French to Spanish, became so great that the twosome entered the studio in 1997 to record Primary Covers, a collection of 14 cover tunes. The indie debut disc includes their original delivery such diverse tracks as “I Fall To Pieces,” “You Don’t Bring Me Flowers” and “Guantanamera.” Sold at their performances and online, the album met with such unprecedented success that demand forced them back to the studio to rerecord the tunes and add a bonus track (Kenny Rogers’ “Lucille”) in 2006.

Meanwhile their special full-hour presentation of Neil Diamond hits burgeoned into such a landslide of requests for a disc, it finally led to their second release, The Music of Neil Diamond. The set delivers classic tracks like “Sweet Caroline,” “Cracklin’ Rosie” and 13 others with an original spin that pays homage to the legendary entertainer. “I’ve always been told that my voice resembles Neil Diamond’s,” notes Jose. “I love his music and there seems to be almost a cult following to his music and show. An album just naturally follows after doing a tribute show.”

Of the recording process, JOSE AND PATTI find it a welcome challenge. “We sound larger than life and explosive live, but it’s really difficult to capture that sound and feel on a CD,” acknowledges, Jose.

They have put their skills to use yet again in creating and finalizing another hotly anticipated release, Happy Two Gather, a 60's Flashback, a cornucopia of Sixties classics. The songs feature them both as a duo and as solo artists. It features many of the legendary and classic 60's 'boomer' tunes, with the iconic sounds from Janis Joplin's "Me and Bobby McGee", and Roy Orbison's "Pretty Woman" to the acoustic melodies of Bob Dylan and Simon and Garfunkel. It features it's namesake song as well, "Happy Together" by The Turtles, and you can sing along to "These Boots Were Made For Walkin'" by Nancy Sinatra. This CD had to be made, in response to the growing success of their stage show and their fan's demands for a take home momento. It is fast becoming a "must-see" part of their music package.   

If it sounds like theirs is a perfect marriage between love and talent, it’s because that’s exactly how they view their lives. “I cannot believe that I have so much fun performing my favorite music with my best friend – my wife, Patti – and we actually get paid for this!” exclaims Jose. Patti, seconds his thoughts, adding, “Now I know what they mean when they say, ‘Love what you do and the rest will follow.’ That is our life!”

The tireless twosome continue to spread their multi-faceted delivery across the globe, performing their unique JOSE AND PATTI shows for countless travelers – and transforming a simple vacation or a night out into a musical respite that lingers long after the holiday is over.

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